OHB Cosmos

OHB Cosmos is responsible for launching the spacecraft built by the Group's satellite manufacturers based in Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Sweden. Usually, the capacity of the launch vehicle is not fully utilized by the main payloads - we offer this further capacity in the for of rideshare launch services at a very attractive price and in excellent quality - such as for our own satellites.

OHB Cosmos was established in 1995 to become a launch service provider for the rapidly growing small satellite market. The most important launch vehicle used by COSMOS at that time was the Russian COSMOS-3M. A total of nine German institutional and governmental satellites, one Korean science mission and one commercial US-customer mission were completed. The most important program was the German SAR-Lupe reconnaissance system with a total of five satellite launches on board the COSMOS-3M, which was specifically adapted for requirements of OHB satellites.

We also launched smaller missions with the Russian launch vehicle, DNEPR, from Baikonur. In 2007, OHB COSMOS led the first non-Indian customer dedicated launch with the Indian PSLV-C8 launcher. Since then, OHB COSMOS in cooperation with Antrix has successfully launched six more spacecraft for customers in Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Latvia and the USA.

Recently we have expanded our portfolio and launched a mission with Rocket Lab Electron New Space Launcher from New Zealand.