OHB DIGITAL is a leader in AIS data services for maritime applications.

AIS (automated information system) makes it possible to track ship movements worldwide in close to real time. For this purpose, OHB DIGITAL uses the positioning messages (AIS messages) that ships are required to transmit. The positioning messages are tracked by a terrestrial network of stations and via satellite.
OHB DIGITAL has been operating its own data processing center for more than seven years. At this center, the AIS messages are received, processed and, depending on the customer's wishes, curated and forwarded.

Day for day, OHB DIGITAL receives up to 34 million AIS positioning messages and forwards them to private and institutional customers. It also offers high-quality, individual and customer-specific services. Depending on their needs, customers can receive information on all global shipping traffic or data for certain regions, certain ships, ship types or their own fleet.

As well as this, OHB DIGITAL offers value-added services. These are primarily based on the AIS data itself, from which extensive information can be mined. However, valuable information products can also be created by creating links with other data.

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