Cyber Security

Cyber security is an overarching skill that OHB DIGITAL incorporates in various applications.

We offer you targeted IT security that adapts to your needs and provides you with best practices from over 30 years of experience in the development of highly secure satellite systems. We help you to achieve a holistic view of your IT security so that you can protect your business assets in the digital world. 

We work with you to develop an effective cyber security strategy that assesses your risks pragmatically. Our security experts support you by providing countermeasures, workshops and penetration tests to implement this strategy efficiently.

Cloud security

We take you safely to the cloud because IT security is not just an afterthought for us but something that plays a crucial role in all phases of cloud deployment and operations. The adoption of cloud computing offers many opportunities, such as improved scalability, flexibility and plannable costs. 

By the same token, processing data in the cloud entails many concealed risks to information security. We help you in all phases of cloud deployment and operations. 

Frequently, companies migrating to the cloud do not sufficiently consider the impact on the security of their overall IT landscape. This results in a breach of classic perimeter protection without adequate alternatives, calling for new solutions that can be operated on a supplier-agnostic basis and transcend network boundaries.

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