Ground Segments, Control Systems and Facilities

Satellite Ground Segments

OHB Digital develops end-to-end ground segment solutions for sophisticated satellite missions. Its most important customer is the German federal armed forces. OHB Digital can access the extensive know-how held by the other members of the OHB Group in order to adapt the ground segments to meet the mission requirements precisely and thus execute highly functional, automated and cost-effective solutions.

In addition to the hardware for mission control and for processing and archiving satellite data, OHB also provides all products for the operation of the necessary IT infrastructure, mission planning, data preparation and analysis and archiving. The requisite workflows are developed and implemented together with the customers.

All systems are developed in accordance with military standards and in compliance with the latest IT security requirements. 

OHB DIGITAL has always been aware of the prime importance of the secure operation of IT environments, helping its customers in the space sector to develop appropriate solutions. OHB DIGITAL is actively involved in various projects working on the further development of cyber security in space. 

Contact: Mr. Filip Spannbauer

Radio Telescopes

Our team in Mainz builds telescopes for radio astronomy worldwide. It all started with the 100m radio telescope in Effelsberg, Germany, 40 years ago. The latest radio telescope, which is close to completion, is a 40m telescope for the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT).

Contact: Mr. Thomas Zimmerer

Interferometry Telescopes

The design of OHB DIGITAL antennas for telescopes for very-long-baseline interferometry (VLBI 2010 standard) is considered to be a reference product that is applied at many locations all over the world. Contracts are about to be awarded for a further two antennas based on this design.

Contact: Mr. Thomas Zimmerer 

Satellite Communications Antennas 

High-quality ground station antennas for satellite communications are standard products at OHB DIGITAL. It engineers products for military and institutional customers that can be operated reliably for decades. Products suitable for all environmental requirements and covering all standard frequency ranges are assembled.

Contact: Mr. Thomas Zimmerer

High Energy X-Ray Facilities

OHB is a reliable partner to institutions and industry when it comes to the construction of special systems for high-energy X-rays.

Contact: Mr. Thomas Zimmerer