Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon is pursuing the vision of creating the necessary conditions for enabling sustainable life in space and for revitalizing ravaged landscapes on the earth by applying the technologies and processes of life sciences. Blue Horizon is a logical step forward in the development of OHB DIGITAL’s activities. 

Blue Horizon works closely with national and European research institutes to develop new life science products and services for use in space and on the earth in addition to the ones that are already ready for sales. Blue Horizon’s future activities are focussing on various plans for human settlement of the Moon, Mars and beyond.

The activities in space and planetary exploration cover:

  • Lunar or Mars surface facilities 
  • Biology and life science experiments
  • Units for extraction of atmospheric and mineral resources
  • Terraforming processes
  • Bio-chemical ZERO G reactors on microsatellites

Terrestrial applications include:

  • Aquatic habitats 
  • Reactors for chemistry
  • Applied methods to stop desertification