Operations and Services

Satellite Operations

OHB-DIGITAL’s own personnel operate satellite missions for the German federal armed forces and maintain and look after the necessary IT and antenna infrastructure. This is done at military facilities in Germany and France as well as at OHB’s own facilities. The highest military security standards are observed in this regard.

OHB operates satellites successfully from Bremen and is able to react swiftly and flexibly to any customer requirements. It provides the necessary personnel and sets up the facilities in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

Contact: Mr. Filip Spannbauer

Maritime Automatic Information System (AIS) Services

OHB DIGITAL is a global leader in and offers global tracking services for all AIS-equipped ships. Our proven AIS data service gives customers from the maritime and logistic industry a deep insight into all types of maritime transport: follow a single ship, monitor an entire vessel fleet or create a comprehensive overview of all ship traffic, be it local, regional or global scale.

Our high quality AIS data stream is fully customizable, responding to your specific demands with a single fingertip. You specify your ship list or your area of interest and we set up your personalized data stream within minutes. Our data service is monitored 24/7, ensuring highest availability and reliability at an affordable price.


AIS is a system for the automatic exchange of navigational data between ships, coastal stations and satellites. Deployed on all commercial ships, AIS makes it possible to identify, localize and track ships in near real-time around the world. Thanks to a satellite constellation and a global network of ground stations operated by our partner, we receive about 19 million position reports from about 150.000 seagoing vessels every day, making global maritime transport truly visible.


  • Vessel monitoring & tracking
  • Vessel traffic management
  • Fishery and environmental monitoring
  • Safety and security applications
  • Maritime business Intelligence
  • Search & rescue

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Contact: Mr. Gerd Eiden

Aerial Surveillance

OHB DIGITAL is developing  technologies required for the future combat aircraft system for the German federal armed forces. It primarily engages in the further development of communication links and research into the necessary radar, electro-optical and infrared reconnaissance sensors.

OHB DIGITAL operates its own flight system, which can be flexibly equipped with a wide variety of different earth observation and reconnaissance sensors. For this reason, it is also able to also offer individual flights and thus collect specific data for its earth observation missions.

Contact: Mr. Wilfried Wetjen