Telescopes and Antennas

Antenna sites form an essential link between space infrastructures and operations and control centers. OHB DIGITAL offers a wide portfolio of antennas, ranging from mobile and portable devices to large-scale fixed installations.

It supplies high-performance optical and radio telescopes for space observation and astronomy. The high-precision alignment of even the largest antennas is one of the core capabilities that OHB DIGITAL has developed in the area of smart mechatronics.

OHB DIGITAL is also involved in the construction and maintenance of launcher systems, for example at the European Space Center in Kourou

How MT Mechatronics is using radio telescopes to help answer mankind's big questions

GMTO Corporation, the organization managing the development of the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) on behalf of its U.S. and international founders, has signed a contract with MT Mechatronics (a subsidiary of the listed company OHB SE) and Ingersoll Machine Tools to design, build and install the telescope’s precision steel structure.


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