OHB DIGITAL develops, assembles and operates space systems, using scalable ground segments modified in the light of the specific requirements. 

OHB DIGITAL draws on many years of experience that permit largely autonomous operations, something which is increasingly critical, especially given the increasing complexity of satellite missions. State-of-the-art security concepts and corresponding IT infrastructures are provided for this purpose.

For selected future missions, OHB DIGITAL will be offering a centralized operations center that specifically enables new missions and routine operations to be commissioned. Globally distributed receiving and transmitting stations and the individual customers’ operating centers are linked via an interface.

OHB Digital Connect GmbH, a subsidiary of the space technology group OHB SE, has now been awarded a contract by the German Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Utilization of the German Armed Forces (BAAINBw) for the regeneration of mobile ground stations for the German Federal Armed Forces' satellite communications system (SATCOMBw).