We are convinced that the production, logistics and corporate processes of the future must become more digital, transparent and reliable. We must enhance efficiency in order to remain competitive nationally and globally. This also includes digitizing processes so that they can be continuously analyzed, optimized and automated. Global trade, international supply chains, transport infrastructure and the Internet of Things require networked participants and digital processes.  OHB DIGITAL supports its customers by offering them solutions for the secure exchange of information. Seamless integration within enterprise resource management systems and cost-effective, reliable systems are crucial factors in this respect.

Our expertise and digital solutions are not superfluous luxury. We develop efficient applications and products that are a good fit for your company. Our goal is to digitize the value chains where digitization and the related process knowledge generate real added value.

OHB DIGITAL already offers a wide range of solutions for logistics:

  • Visioboxx is a compact and robust product for tracking containers or other units. This innovative system for wireless sensor networks enables ship, rail and road cargo to be located and its status tracked. 
  • OHB DIGITAL is a service partner in ORBCOMM’s global machine-to-machine communications network in the Internet of Things. The solutions provided by OHB DIGITAL take account of the special need for an intelligent system for tracking particularly high-quality or fragile cargo.
  • OHB DIGITAL develops digital twins for customers from different industries for the digital imaging and virtualization of process chains. By combining artificial intelligence, smart sensors and satellite data, we create user-friendly and customizable high-performance digital twins of business processes. These applications are of interest for a wide range of industries, such as port logistics, warehouses or airports. Satellite data can help to digitalize business processes efficiently.

Tracking and tracing devices can be equipped with a highly energy-efficient module developed by OHB DIGITAL for recording current geolocations over a very long period, something which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Industrie 4.0 – Smart Factory at ArcelorMittal

The digital supply chain needs visibility on 100% of the route