Ground Segments

Space solutions are dependent on the availability of efficient ground segments. OHB DIGITAL develops highly efficient systems meeting the most demanding requirements, which are used, for example, to control and monitor satellites and also to provide end users with services. End-to-end solutions for users of a wide variety of applications are made possible via modern interfaces. 

The ground segments have information and data archives in which basic processing steps, such as the calibration of earth observation data, can be carried out automatically.  Value-added products, from which information can be derived, for example, by data fusion, are generated from the raw data.

Large volumes of data collected from the Group’s own missions are consolidated with further information from various sources, such as the EU Copernicus Sentinel satellite and other geo information, allowing valuable insights on environmental parameters to be gained from such big data analyses. 

The developments focus on concepts for standardized software and hardware components that can be used flexibly in a modularized environment.