Optimum availability of power at all times forms the basis for smooth railway operations. Ever growing demands are being placed on the availability of a dense system of overhead lines due to high train frequencies. As a result, monitoring and automated control of power distribution are playing an important role. 

OHB Teledata GmbH automation systems have been in operation around the clock at the control centers, power distribution systems and transformer substations within the Deutsche Bahn network for many decades. In addition to recording and processing raw data at the substation level, these systems are responsible for the reliable exchange of data with the central switching points, including via VPN and across fire walls. The related secure authentication and access restriction mechanisms enable the use of public communication networks for remote maintenance and increased redundancy. Reflecting the rapid development of data transmission and information technology, OHB Teledata GmbH’s control systems undergo constant product updates, so that the user always has state-of-the-art technologies incorporating the latest scientific developments. We engage in planning, designing, system engineering, delivery, commissioning and maintenance of substation control and communication technology for the digitization of rail operations, thus providing a wide range of services that are an integral part of OHB DIGITAL's portfolio and entail a high degree of expertise. OHB DIGITAL offers a comprehensive service package for its customers for long-term system operation, covering the entire life cycle including documentation, obsolescence management and the availability of components for the next 20 years.

An additional aspect is server systems with virtual platform clusters at Deutsche Bahn’s central control locations. These are used for remote maintenance and monitoring and help to ensure that a continuous update strategy can be implemented for the products concerned.

The advancing digitization of the signal box technology used by Deutsche Bahn and other European railway companies is necessitating far-reaching security concepts and products for ensuring safe operations. Looking forward, each single light signal, switch and level crossing will be controlled and monitored via its own IP connection. Special components are required in the track field to ensure uninterrupted and high-availability rail operations despite the extreme conditions that prevail in terms of temperature, electromagnetic compatibility, interference voltages and dirt. For this special purpose, OHB Teledata GmbH has developed cryptOHBguard, which meets all these requirements. Used in many highly sensitive areas including industries subject to special protection, the management software provides an integrated system characterized by uncompromising quality and continuous IT security “made in Germany”. 

Video: The advantages of digital networking are shown in the track field

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